About Vitzrocell USA

Vitzrocell USA, Inc is a distributor of Lithium Primary Batteries for use in oil and gas industries. We provide an array of sizes and power output rates for use in sensing equipment in Downhole Operations (MWD, LWD) and Pipeline Pigging Operations. Our products are specially designed, tested and manufactured to provide long life and superior performance under conditions of extreme heat, shock and vibration.Vitzrocell USA, Inc. is a Division of Vitzrocell Co. LTD based in South Korea. Vitzrocell has long been recognized as one of the best power solution providers of Lithium Primary Batteries in the world. We are proud of our compeitive products, espcially the high-temperature battery line, suitable for various applications such as Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD), Pipeline Inspection Gauging (PIG), Production Well Reserve Monitoring and Oceanographic Devices, particularly relevant with the Oil and Gas Industry.

Vitzrocell USA maintains warehouse and distribution locations in Houston, TX, and Calgary, AB, Canada. We partner with battery pack manufacturers in North America and Europe to provide the best application-specific battery products in the industry.

We invite you to learn more about Vitzrocell USA products via our website. Or contact us if you have questions or wish to place an order.

About Vitzrocell

Vitzrocell is a world-class power solution provider for military, energy production/exploration ocean equipment, renewable energy, and other industries. Vitzrocell is a manufacturer of Li/SOCl2, EDLC, RFB and military purpose batteries used throughout the world. Vitzrocell has a main office and full production facility based in South Korea, and distributes cell products in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Vitzrocell's CEO, Mr. Paul Jang, explains Vitzrocell's mission as being "To Enhance Smart, Safe and Green World as a Dedicated Power Solution Provider." He notes that the proliferation of portable and smart devices has positioned battery products as essential [in the world economy to date]. Vitzrocell's mission is to be one of the best and most reliable lithium primary battery manufacturers in the world. To this end, the company has developed automated and semi-automated processes for battery production and manufacturing, and a rigid testing facility that is structured to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Learn more about Vitzrocell's Production, R&D and Testing capabilities at www.vitzrocell.com